DVD of the Week: Somewhere

This is Sofia Coppola’s (Lost in Translation) story of an A-list movie star (Steven Dorff) living at the Chateau Marmont with his expensive toys, booze and drugs and an inexhaustible supply of beautiful, sexually available women.  Without any purpose or connection to others, his debauchery is completely joyless.  To his surprise and discomfort,  his eleven-year-old daughter (Elle Fanning) moves in for a few weeks.   He slowly finds some connection to her, but then she leaves for summer camp and he is aimless, again.

Somewhere is an artsy portrait of a man so purposeless that he can find no pleasure in pleasure.

Fanning is great as the kid.  Surprisingly, Jackass‘ Chris Pontius shines as the movie star’s best bud.

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