DVD of the Week: The Fighter

Here’s you chance to see the Oscar-winning performance by Christian Bale and Melissa Leo in The Fighter. Mark Wahlberg stars as a boxer trying to succeed despite his crack addict brother (Bale) and his powerful, trashy mom (Leo).  As one would expect, Bale nails the flashier role of the addict, deluding himself about both past glories and his importance to his family. Leo is almost unrecognized under her teased hair, and is accompanied by a hilarious Greek Chorus of adult daughters, each trashier than the last.

The boxing scenes are very well done, and Wahlberg matches Sylvester Stallone and Hilary Swank in making us believe that he is, indeed, a boxer. See my list of 10 Best Boxing Movies.  It’s also on my list of Best Movies of 2010.

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2 Responses to DVD of the Week: The Fighter

  1. Keifer H. says:

    Dicky Eklund’s boy is in several scenes, but where is his mom? Did I miss a reference? I did not go out to concessions.

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