Coming Up on TV: Another Sam Fuller Trashterpiece

On March 23, Turner Classic Movies is airing Shock Corridor (1963).  Director Sam Fuller started out as a tabloid reporter and never missed a chance to shamelessly sensationalize a subject (except for war, which he insisted on treating realistically).  Shock Corridor is one of Fuller’s most sensationalistic films.

In Shock Corridor, Peter Breck plays a reporter who gets himself committed to an insane asylum so he can gather facts for an expose.  He meets an African-American patient who dons Klan garb and gives white supremacist speeches in the corridor.  He meets a fellow patient named Psycho who thinks he’s pregnant.  He is attacked by a horny mob of women in the nymphomaniac ward, which causes him to yell a truly great movie line, “Nymphos!”.  And then things don’t go so well for him after the electroshock therapy…

And, as you can see from the trailer, if Sam Fuller could get a stripper in his movie, he would find a way.

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