Great suggestions by you for my Oscar Dinner

You’ve sent me some great suggestions for my Oscar Dinner.   Every year, The Movie Gourmet watches the Oscars while enjoying a meal inspired by the Best Picture nominees. For example, last year’s highlight was Grandma Ethel’s Brisket for A Serious Man. We also had airplane bottles of liquor for Up in the Air, fastfood chicken for Precious and Middle Eastern fare for The Hurt Locker. I particularly relished having prawns for District 9; (“prawn” is the South African slur for the aliens). You get the idea and you can read more at Oscar Dinner.

But this year, I was stumped on 127 Hours The King’s Speech and The Fighter and asked for your help.

127 Hoursimagemoved said, “all he had was freeze dried food and granola bars. He also left that bottle of Gatorade in his car. Maybe do something with that?”  The Wife suggested a water bottle with the exact number of milliliters of water that he had when he got stuck.  The Wife has so far vetoed my idea of a water bottle with faux urine (the protagonist recycles his own urine while trapped).  But Ana may have a winning idea:  “Ginger ale, pineapple, white grape, and cranberry juice punch with an ice hand floating inside (pour water in a latex glove and freeze, remove glove and place in punch) — A bit gruesome but funny too, right? …right..? lol”.

The King’s Speech:  I think Ana also has a winner here: “English toffees. 1) They’re English 2) Their stickiness renders you temporarily incapable of speech. Get it? Eh, eh? :D“.  They also made a big deal of serving tea in The King’s Speech, but I really like the idea of gumming up my jaw with the toffee.

The Fighter:  Ana suggests “Boneless Buffalo Wings — They’re manly and something you’d eat while watching a boxing match…and their flavor is a real ‘knockout’.”  But something tells me that Amy Adams would be serving the buffalo wings WITH bones in that bar.  Maybe I’ll just pick up some MGD or PBR.

Any more ideas?

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2 Responses to Great suggestions by you for my Oscar Dinner

  1. Keifer H. says:

    King’s Speech–six candy marbles (or, jawbreakers) served on a silver platter for each guest. Please have The Wife take a photo of The Gourmet stuffed a la king.

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