127 Hours – Not just a cringefest

127 Hours is surprisingly entertaining – surprisingly because you know, even before entering the theater, that the protagonist is going to get trapped under a rock and make his escape by cutting off his own arm.  Although there are cringeworthy moments (not only the amputation), it’s not just a cringefest.  This is a Danny Boyle movie after all, so there is lots of eye candy and a pounding score.  But Boyle also  framed a  character for James Franco to play who is very fun at the beginning and more textured as his ordeal unfolds.  And Franco, as usual, is wonderful.

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1 Response to 127 Hours – Not just a cringefest

  1. The Wife says:

    Excellent review!!! I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I anticipated.

    And, with this I have seen all 10 of the films nominated for Best Picture! This may be a first people!!! After 10 years the Movie Gourmet is wearing off on me — in a good way.

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