Season of the Witch

Okay, I’ll admit that I saw Season of the Witch because the trailer made me laugh out loud.  I thought that it might have been goofily bad enough to qualify for my list of 10 Movies So Bad They Are Fun.  Unfortunately, it’s just bad and not much fun.

Season of the Witch is a Nicholas Cage/Ron Perlman buddy movie set among the plague, crusades and witch hunts of the 13th century.  Cage and Perlman play two knights who, after slaughtering more than their share of women and children infidels, become disgusted with the Crusades.  The deserters find themselves back in plague-ridden Central Europe escorting a comely accused witch to her abbey trial.  Along the way, they encounter the cheesiest of CGI effects, the most portentous of soundtracks  and every medieval cliché.

My recommendation:  get some laughs from the trailer and skip the 95 minute version.

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