Happy Birthday, Kiefer!

Happy Birthday to my oldest movie buddy.  I remember going with you to see Jaws and The Deer Hunter.  And Logan’s Run (waiting for Jenny Agutter’s flimsy dress to slip off or at least get wet).  We saw The Paper Chase just before I went to law school.  Nuggets like St. Jack.  Every Jack Nicholson movie for a decade (even The Missouri Breaks and Goin’ South, I think).   And, of course, high brow stuff like The Hangover.  Lots of movies, lots of good times.

Now it can be told.  Around 1964, Kiefer wrote a story about an adventurer archaeologist on a quest for the Ark of the Covenant – 17 years before Raiders of the Lost Ark.   It’s now on the Internet, so it must be true!

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