Morning Glory

If you’re looking for a light comedy with an appealing lead, then Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams will work for you.  McAdams is funny, cute and sympathetic.  There is promise in the setting – the achingly insipid world of morning television shows. And Diane Keaton nails her supporting role as a jaded but desperate TV anchor.

But Morning Glory would have been more successful if it trusted its source material and performers and didn’t TRY so hard to be funny.  Harrison Ford plays a wooden character woodenly.  There is no electricity in the thread about McAdams’ love interest with Patrick Wilson.  And – here’s a pet peeve of mine – there are two utterly random musical interludes.

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3 Responses to Morning Glory

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  3. Although I can see your point about the love interest with Wilson (really just tacked on for the sake of a romantic interest), I think Ford gives a performance that’s not exactly out of his comfort zone, but that nonetheless works alongside Keaton and McAdams, both of whom put in strong performances. In any case, I had a different opinion of the film after leaving it (

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