10 Most Memorable Food Scenes

By popular demand, I have updated my list of  10 Most Memorable Food Scenes.   Many of you have pointed out deserving scenes that I left off my first draft.  Paula reminded me of the dining-as-foreplay scene in Tom Jones.  Rick mentioned The Freshman, in which the  The Fabulous Gourmet Club charges a $1 million prix fixe “for the privilege of eating the very last of a species”.  And somehow I had forgotten the food fight scene from Animal House.

And Judy reminded me of a movie that I had erased from my memory because I hate, hate, hate it – The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.  Nevertheless, I admit that the final (and I mean final) dining scene is most memorable.

Here’s my pick for the most memorable food scene in the movies:

For the most tantalizing food in the movies, see my completely different list of  10 Food Porn Movies.

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