The American

In this thriller, George Clooney plays an international master assassin.  He lives a life of crushing loneliness.  Anyone who gets close to him will either die or betray him.  He is exhausted by years of perpetual vigilance, unnourished by human affection.  I remember this loneliness from my own years as an international master assassin.

Clooney’s character is written and played well.  This is a smart, arty film that transcends its hackneyed set-up:  the assassin takes One Last Job and encounters some beautiful, available and potentially dangerous women who may be Up To No Good.  The climax reminds me of the greatest assassin movie, Day of the Jackal.

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One Response to The American

  1. Keifer H. says:

    Would those lonely “years as an international master assassin,” Movie Gourmet, include ’78? I recall that the Continent’s master chefs were each offed in the same manner as preparation of their signature dish; Natasha O’Brien nearly taken out by a Bombe Richelieu. Coincidence?

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