DVD of the Week: Tortilla Soup

In Tortilla Soup (2001), Hector Elizondo plays the retired chef who cooks a gourmet feast every Sunday for his three adult daughters.  The daughters are all seeking relationships and independence from their dad in their own ways.  There are lots of romance and lots of laughs and lots of amazing-looking food.  It’s a remake of Ang Lee’s 1994 Eat Drink Man Woman.  Elizabeth Pena and Paul Rodriguez give noteworthy performances.  The yummy-looking food was prepared by celebrity chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger (Too Hot Tamales).

The movie also has a fun soundtrack with Lila Downs, Eliades Ochoa, Pink Martini and Les Nubians.

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And this film makes my list of 10 Food Porn Movies.

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One Response to DVD of the Week: Tortilla Soup

  1. The Wife says:

    I love this movie! What a great little gem. Just the right thing for some summer viewing!!!

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