Playing right now in Paris

I’m in Paris, and the multiplexes here are showing Iron-Man 2, Kick-Ass, Green Zone, Greenberg, Alice in Wonderland and I Love You, New York – all in version originale (v.o.), which means in their original English with French subtitles.

Julie Delpy is directing and starring in La Comtesse, a period drama.   And there are several new French comedies that look interesting.  Unfortunately, my French is only workable enough to order excellent food and wine.

And Russell Crowe is shilling the upcoming Robin Hood on French infotainment TV shows.

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One Response to Playing right now in Paris

  1. Keifer H. says:

    Merci, merci
    Why would I want to fly to Paris to see Kick-Ass? It’s playing on Main Street (Highway 395) in Bishop, California where I am already. It is a mere two blocks from my hotel.

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