Movies to see right now

I’ve updated of the Movies To See Right Now page.   La Mission is now in theaters (see post below).  Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is new on DVD  Gran Torino, Strangers on a Train, Pan’s Labyrinth, Bob LeFlambeur and Airplane! are on TV.

My top recommendation is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in theaters.  Now is the time to catch Broken Embraces (Abrazos Rotos) and Stranded: I’ve Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains on DVD.

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One Response to Movies to see right now

  1. Patricia Gardner says:

    for Bad Lt. I found this movie hard to warch, choppy, but for some reason I hung until the end and the end somehow brought all the craziness together…but i would still only give this movie a C ..did not much care for it

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