Best Films of 2009 and Ten Recommended

I’ve posted my annual list of best movies of the year (see “Best Films of 2009” link above).

I’ll also be filling in my list of ten recommended films from the year – the ten movies that I am pushing on everyone I know:

The Hurt Locker

Stranded: I’ve Come From a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains


Broken Embraces (Abrazos Rotos)

Goodbye Solo

Up in the Air


Sin Nombre

(500) Days of Summer

The Last Lullaby

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3 Responses to Best Films of 2009 and Ten Recommended

  1. Paula says:

    Wish I’d read this before our annual (15th) Arena Theater telecast. We could have done your contest…that would have been fun. Everyone was verrry happy Hurt Locker won since Katherine Bigalow has a place in Manchester. Unfortunately when we showed it at the theater earlier in the year it wasn’t so popular. Have to say I was glad Avatar didn’t win. They made lots of money, that’s enough appreciation. The women behind me were critical of EVERY dress that appeared…they were in jeans…what can I tell ya? I think our projection was a little out-of-kilter…everyone looked short and broad which didn’t help the couture. Love the blog. P

  2. jenny says:


    This is great! I watched most of it last night and your diner put ours to shame! I aboslutely have to see the Hurt Locker now, one of the only ones I had not seen.

    Look forward to future tips

  3. Keith says:

    Is Gomorrah a sequel?

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